I am humbled and thankful for everyone's continued support and their endorsements as I announce my candidacy for Bencher 2019.
- Atrisha Lewis


Atrisha represents the future of our profession. Her perspective and voice will be valuable in Convocation. I have personally benefited from discussions with Atrisha on a variety of topics, including on diversity and inclusion. We still have much to accomplish before we can achieve our goals of diversity and inclusion both for the benefit of the profession and the public that we serve. Moving forward requires difficult and honest discussions. Atrisha’s eloquent, courageous, vulnerable and constructive voice has contributed and will continue to contribute to those discussions.

Malcom Mercer, Treasurer,
The Law Society of Ontario


I am thrilled that Atrisha Lewis has put her name forward as a bencher candidate. I endorse Atrisha because of her track record of success. Atrisha has been a leader within McCarthy Tétrault. She has built a strong litigation practice here in just six years, representing an impressive portfolio of clients before all levels of the court in Ontario, the Federal Court, and the Federal Court of Appeal. She is generous with her time mentoring internally and externally. She is also a stalwart advocate for increased diversity and inclusion, not only within our firm, but within our profession. She recently won our firm’s inaugural Inclusion Now award, in recognition of her outstanding contributions in this area. I believe Atrisha will bring a new generational voice to the Law Society and we at McCarthy Tétrault are proud to support her as she leads our profession into the future.

Dave Leonard, CEO, McCarthy Tétrault

roderique headshot.jpeg

I wholeheartedly endorse Atrisha Lewis’s candidacy for Bencher. She has consistently been a voice and a force for change in the legal community, and is precisely the thoughtful thinker and leader the LSO needs.   

Hadiya Roderique, J.D./M.A.,

Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behaviour

Danielle Robitaille.jpg

Atrisha is an obvious and excellent candidate for LSO bencher. She will bring her energy, her intellect, her fresh and challenging perspective to Convocation. Atrisha is someone who believes deeply in the fundamental values of our profession and its place in the Canadian fabric. She also sees and understands the Society’s potential and responsibility to push for change and inclusion. Atrisha’s young voice is the wise counsel we need in these times. 

Danielle Robitaille, Partner, Henein Hutchison LLP


Atrisha has shown enormous leadership in a relatively short time at the bar. She is bursting with energy, new ideas and enthusiasm. She will bring a much-needed perspective to Convocation and I urge you to support her.

Andrew Bernstein, Partner, Torys LLP


Atrisha is one of my closest friends and advisers. We have studied together, travelled together and shared our personal and professional highs and lows together. Atrisha is a hardworking and thoughtful young lawyer and a compassionate, supportive and loyal friend. I have witnessed her passion for and dedication to advancing equity and diversity in the legal profession, both in public and behind the scenes. She is exactly the type of fresh leadership the legal profession needs. I enthusiastically endorse Atrisha for Bencher.

Renatta Austin, Lawyer, Eglington West Law Office

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Atrisha Lewis is deeply engaged in the issues facing Ontario lawyers today, and keenly aware of the issues coming in the future. Atrisha is approachable, accountable, and will wholly dedicate herself to the task. I enthusiastically endorse Atrisha’s candidacy for Bencher.

Erin Pleet, Associate, Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP


Convocation is long overdue for representation from more recently called lawyers, and I can think of few better placed to represent our generation than Atrisha Lewis. Atrisha is a champion for access to justice and the profession, diversity and inclusion at the bar, and the unique challenges faced by today’s generation of lawyers. Most importantly, her support of pro bono work and openness to LSO funding to keep the doors of the PBO Law Help Centres open past 2019 makes her a candidate who is more than worthy of your vote. I am pleased to support Atrisha’s candidacy for Bencher and look forward to seeing her shake things up at Osgoode Hall.

Christopher Horkins, Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Lenczner Slaight Thomas Curry 0140.jpg

Atrisha Lewis is a bright, enthusiastic and energetic lawyer and I am pleased to endorse her as a candidate for Bencher.  Atrisha will add to the ability of the LSO to continue to meet the challenge of governing the profession in the public interest.  She believes in the core values of the profession and how it must serve everyone. Her experience at a top national law firm has taught her the skill of working collaboratively to solve complex problems and her perspective as a racialized lawyer has taught her how the profession can respond meaningfully to the pressing needs of the whole community for progress on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Tom Curry, Managing Partner, Lenczner Slaght


“In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult, indeed prohibitive, for aspiring young lawyers to access the profession. This reality will compromise the future of legal practice in Ontario. Young benchers must be elected to ensure that the Law Society is not out of touch with the next generation of lawyers it purports to serve. I support Atrisha Lewis for bencher because as an outspoken and dedicated advocate, she represents the voice of so many young lawyers who believe that the Law Society of Ontario must be reflective of and responsive to our experience.”

Annamaria Enenajor, Partner, Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe, Barristers


In her 6 years at the bar, Atrisha has emerged as a strong advocate and  leader amongst her peers. She has authored influential articles and made a significant contribution to the critical goal of advancing diversity and inclusion in our profession. She will add a needed, important and energetic voice to Convocation and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy. 

Jonathan Lisus, Partner, Lax O'Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP


Atrisha Lewis is one of the most impressive young lawyers that I have had the pleasure to litigate against. She is established in her career, passionate about diversity, inclusion and access to justice, and a role model for young lawyers. It is without hesitation that I encourage everyone to vote for Atrisha in the Bencher elections. 

Erin Durant, Litigator, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


I whole-heartedly endorse Atrisha Lewis for Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Atrisha since she was a law student and have watched with pride her rise in the litigation bar.  With her dedication to the profession and access to justice, she will bring an important voice and perspective to the LSO.

Sandra Forbes, Partner, Davies

barb hamilton.JPG

I am pleased to provide an unequivocal endorsement for Atrisha Lewis’ candidacy for Bencher of the LSO.  Atrisha will bring integrity, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to diversity and good governance to this role.

Cheryl Foy, University Secretary and General Counsel,University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Governance Consultant

Erin Headshot 2.jpg

I am confidant that Atrisha would be an excellent Bencher for the Law Society of Ontario. Atrisha is not only an experienced trial lawyer, through her articles, speaking engagements, volunteer work, and mentoring initiatives, she has shown that she is committed to improving the legal profession. I believe all lawyers, and the public, would benefit from having Atrisha's voice (and her tenacity) at Convocation.

Erin Cowling,  Free Lance Lawyer, Legal Writer and Researcher 


Atrisha is a determined, fierce and effective advocate for her clients and for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.  She will apply her considerable skills and experience to push for change and inclusion at the LSO.  Atrisha is a natural leader who will work hard and collaboratively with others at Convocation to improve the governance of our profession for the future.  I am honoured to support her candidacy for bencher.

Sarah Armstrong, Partner, Fasken

Esi Codjoe.png

Atrisha is a fearless advocate both inside and outside of the courtroom. She excels at being thoughtful, consultative, and not being afraid to speak truth to power.

Esi Codjoe, Vice Chair, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

160909 LinkedIn Profile Pic - IMG_2523Ca

Atrisha possesses all the skills and characteristics that any reasonable lawyer would want in a bencher. She is a passionate, fearless advocate who is at ease with speaking truth to power. She is a goal-setter with a track record of accomplishment. She is a change-maker and will undoubtedly use her skills to improve the governance of our profession. It is my honour to support and endorse Atrisha for bencher.

Jeff Feiner, Partner, Corman Feiner LLP


Ms. Lewis is precisely what the Law Society needs right now; a rising star in the profession well-respected in legal practice and recognized as a leader in accessible legal education and a diverse legal profession. She is at the forefront of the Law Society's most pressing issues, and is a passionate and progressive voice for change.

Joshua Michael Sealy-Harrington, LLM Candidate at Columbia Law


Atrisha is an enthusiastic advocate--in her professional life and in all of her pursuits.  She is committed to excellence.  You can be confident that Atrisha will be a thoughtful voice for the ideas and energy of our young lawyers.  She will help to enhance and advance the best traditions of our profession.

Donna MacKenzie, Partner, Gowling WLG


Atrisha is a powerful and steadfast advocate on key issues that are at the forefront of today’s dynamic and changing professional landscape. As a supportive mentor with a focus on inclusion, she is committed to championing the interests of diverse lawyers and creating real change. Her dedication to ensuring that the voices of both young calls and equity-seeking groups are heard is an integral part of her daily life and practice, as well as her platform.

Breanna Needham, Associate, Lax O'Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP

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As a client, I can speak to Atrisha's zealous advocacy, including in a trial context. I've watched Atrisha argue motions and cross-examine witnesses at trial. She is effective in advancing her clients' interests. Atrisha also developed significant expertise on governance issues and she effectively cross-examined an expert on issues relating to the duties of directors. I believe Atrisha brings both extreme competency and a fresh perspective to Convocation. I endorse Atrisha Lewis as a candidate for bencher.

Ian Ross, Chair of the Board, Growthworks

web_res SS_9152.jpg

As long as I've known Atrisha, she has demonstrated a natural leadership ability and perspective that is far beyond her years. The number of times that I've seen her contribute her time and tireless abilities to helping others in the legal profession is too numerous to count. Our profession's leadership need her judgment, vision, and formidable capabilities. She understands the machinations of our legal community inside and out, and is the best person I know to be able to move our profession forward in strident steps.

Kate Robertson, Associate, Markson Law

Rosel Kim v2 3864.jpg

As a young racialized lawyer, I’m happy to support Atrisha’s campaign for bencher of the Law Society of Ontario. Atrisha has been one of the leading voices in advocating for racialized lawyers, especially racialized women lawyers.

Atrisha’s candour and passion in discussing the barriers and stereotypes that impact racialized lawyers (including her own path) have been important contributions to the dialogue on advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Kim Rosel, In-House Lawyer

Camille Headshot.jpg

Atrisha Lewis has emerged as a thoughtful and visionary leader in the legal community, always seeking to have the legal profession fulfill its true potential as a force for societal good. Nothing gives me more confidence in the future of legal practice than competent and committed advocates like Atrisha.

Camille Labchuk, Executive Director, Animal Justice Canada


I wholeheartedly endorse Atrisha Lewis’s candidacy for LSO Bencher. She has established herself as a leader in our profession who challenges us to improve the ways we serve the public and how we collectively promote the full diversity of our membership. Atrisha’s is the kind of knowledgeable, persuasive, and thoughtful voice we need at Convocation advancing the LSO’s important mandate to protect the public interest.

Pam Hrick, Associate, Stockwoods LLP

Carole Jenkins.jpg

Atrisha is bright, engaging, and hard working.  She is a leader in the profession on many topics, including diversity and inclusion.  Her voice is a necessary addition to Convocation.  Without reservation, she has my endorsement.

Carole G. Jenkins, Partner, 

 Smockum Zarnett LLP

CThedore Headshot 2019.jpg

From the moment she was called to the Bar, Atrisha has managed to build a reputable litigation practice while devoting her advocacy skills to fighting for the issues that will shape the future of our profession.  Supporting female litigators, tackling the articling crisis, good governance in self-regulation, and equality in the profession – Atrisha has found herself at the forefront of our collective work on these pressing topics.  I don’t think we can properly self-govern without including the voices of young lawyers in our profession.  This is why I support Atrisha Lewis for Bencher.

Charlene Theodore, In-House Legal Counsel, Ontario Catholic Teachers' Association

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I have absolute confidence that Atrisha Lewis will be an excellent
bencher. Atrisha has proven herself to be a capable and passionate leader,
inside and outside the legal community.
I know that Atrisha is committed
to reducing barriers to enter the legal profession, and to ensuring
greater diversity and inclusion. Her voice and perspective are much needed
at Convocation.


Atrisha Lewis is the candidate for anyone who believes that the LSO Is in need of renewal, energy and progressive thought. Atrisha will provide perspectives and contributions to convocation, including on behalf of younger licensees, that are clearly needed. Her record speaks for itself. Don’t just take my word for it, just ask around.

Nils F. Engelstad, Vice-President, General Counsel, Alamos Gold Inc.

Lisa Jørgensen, Criminal and Regulatory Defence Lawyer, Cooper Jørgensen

CABL logo.png

On behalf of the CABL Board, I want to advise you that CABL supports and endorses your candidacy for Bencher.  

Hamilton Law Association.png

Atrisha Lewis is proud to be endorsed by the Hamilton Law Association

Lori Anne Thomas, President, Canadian Association of Black Lawyers